T2 Tattoo Pen In Black

T2 Tattoo Pen In Black
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This machine is perfect for cartridge needle use.
Compatible with all makes of Cartridge needles on the market today, also come with a replacement grip as standard.
This amazing pen doesn't only do the job you want but looks good at the same time.


*Extra Pen Grip.
*RCA Black power cord, made by Magneto Cables.
*Pen Stand.
*5 Spare O Ring.

The future of tattooing has arrived here at Power Dragon Tattoo

Technical data

*Nominal voltage 6 to 12.6 V DC
*Power intake 4 W
*Start-up current Max. 2.5A for Max. 200 ms
*Piercing frequency 70 to 160 Hz
*Stroke 3.5mm
*Adjustable needle length
*Needle protrusion 0 to 4.5mm
*Electrical protrusion RCA jack
*Drive Precision motor DC
*Operating mode Continuous operation
*Diameter 25.4mm
*Length 123 mm
*Weight Approx. 130g

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